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    The traditional charms of Okappa hair

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    While now it is seen as natural for there to be different fashion and styles for people of all ages, if you look at old photos, Japanese girls all had the same haircut that was called “okappa head.”

    Okappa head was made up of bangs that were straight down but cut above the eyebrows, with the back and sides left about neck-length.



    Right now the two girls featured in Japanese commercials for Saran Wrap have this hairstyle.


    In recent years you don’t see many girls with this hairstyle anymore, so featuring these girls has a fresh impacts and makes it a commercial you can’t forget even if you’ve only seen it once.

    The “okappa” part of “okappa head” comes from the mythological creature called a kappa that has a plate on top of its head. There are still stories about kappa, and since it’s said that the hairstyle resembles the kappa’s head, the hairstyle was named after that.

    Though it seems originally it was a men’s haircut, in the Edo period, it changed slowly to become a girls’ haircut.



    In the past okappa hair was standard for girls, but lately it’s become a fashionable women’s hairstyle.

    The okappa hairstyle is no longer as widely used as it was before, and now it’s also called names like a bob or a mushroom cut. Many people now also dye their hair and make the style more fashionable.




    While the okappa hairstyle has changed along with the times and Japanese people’s tastes, the charms of this old hairstyle still remain.