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    Middle aged women in Osaka“Osaka no Obachan” is so

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    “Osaka no Obachan”

    Have you ever met middle aged women in Osaka?



    Look at these cheerful colorful ladies!! They are “Osaka no Obachan”, which means middle aged women from Osaka.

    What you might know about Osaka is…

    Beautiful neon





    People love to make others laugh


    The last thing you have to discover about Osaka is…

    Powerful “Osaka no Obachan”!!


    The middle aged women, called “Obachan” in Osaka is very well known in Japan. Why? The reason is found in their powerful character!! What is their remarkable character??

    1. Love leopard


    “Osaka no Obachans” love to wear leopard. Basically, they love to dress themselves in a very colorful and showy way.

    2. Purple hair


    This is a big mystery. “Osaka no Obachans” tend to dye their hair purple when they get older in their sixties or seventies.

    3. Candies are always in a bag.



    “Osaka no Ocbachans” are said to love taking care of others. They always bring candies in a small pochette like this in a bag and give them to others (often to strangers) for example in a train. “Osaka no Obachans” love to TALK as well, so they make the occasion to talk with others by giving a candy!

    4. Good at bargaining


    “Osaka no Obachans” are the specialist when it comes to negotiate for discount. Don’t stay cool but be greedy like them if you come to Osaka!!