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    Kariyushi shirts: What they are and where to get t

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    What is a Kariyushi shirt?

    A Kariyushi shirt is similar to an aloha or Hawaiian shirt and are decorated in traditional Okinawan patterns. They can be used for any occasion (but shouldn’t be tucked into your pants!). “Kariyushi” in the Okinawan dialect means “harmony” or “happiness.”
    Let’s check out 5 poplar places to get the shirts!

    Mango House

    Kariyushi shirts are usually mainly for men, but Mango House has a wide variety of sizes and designs for both men and women!


    They have 3 branches on the main street for shopping in Naha, International Street/Kokusai-doori (国際通り), so it’s really easy to find one of them!


    9-4-6 Kumoji, Naha, Okinawa, 900-0015

    2-7-28, Makishi, Naha,
    Okinawa, 300-0013
    2-8-4  Matsuo, Naha,
    Okinawa, 900-0014

    Getto Monogatari 月桃物語

    “Getto” means “shell gingers.”

    I recommend this shop because they have some really cheap Kariyushi shirts.
    While most Kariyushi shirts are 7000 yen to 10000 yen since they are all brand-name, Getto Monogatari offers some reasonable ones which are about 2000 yen to 3000 yen!
    So if your budget for 1 shirt is lower than 5000yen, this shop is the place to get your Kariyushi shirt!
    Getto Monogatari is also on the main street for shopping in Naha, International Street/Kokusai-doori (国際通り).
    2nd floor of Kumoji Building
    3-3-20 Kumoji, Naha,
    Okinawa, 900-0015

    Nami no Oto~Ryukyu~ 波の音~琉球~

    This shop is the one and only. 

    First, while most Kariyushi shirts are screen-printed, this store offers hand printed and dyed indigo shirts!

    Since it’s hand printed and dyed, every shirt is different even if the design is the same.  
    One shirt costs over 15000 yen, but it’s worth getting one if you want to get an original one!  
    Second, they offer a tailor-made service!
    You can choose the cloth, design, size etc from their catalog and they will make a tailor-made Kariyushi shirt just for you!
    2nd floor, 
    Yamashita-cho, Naha,

    Hope you can find your favorite Kariyushi!